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The smile of a teenager is often overlooked due to the numerous pressures and experiences that arise during those years of your young adult life. However, it is also one of the most critical times of a person’s oral health care because it is also the time when the last of your teeth, the wisdom teeth grow in. After the wisdom teeth arrive, your permanent set is finalized and no further teeth will ever grow in, so they must be taken care of for the rest of your life.

Numerous peer pressures and social situations can severely disrupt a teenager’s oral health. Pressures to get involved with smoking, drinking, and using drugs can severely disrupt a teens health, specifically their oral health. Avoid peer pressure situations that can potentially lead to oral health disaster.

Another common risk to the mouth of teens comes in the form of mouth jewelry. Although mouth jewelry such a lip and tongue rings are extremely popular, they are also extremely hazardous to your oral health. They can cause infections, lead to severe bleeding, and can even become choking hazards. Infectious diseases such as endocarditis and hepatitis have been known to arise due to mouth jewelry. Avoid additional oral health risks by avoiding mouth jewelry.

One of the most common risk factors to a teen’s oral health remains contact sports. Even though sports tend to be a highly important part of society, they’re all so tremendously dangerous and lead to numerous injuries and accidents to a person’s facial structure. To help prevent or minimize blunt trauma to your face and jaw areas, always use the appropriate safety equipment available including mouth guards and helmets.

When the last of your teeth grow in, the wisdom teeth, the potential for malocclusions and other misalignments are highly likely. Through no fault of your own, teeth may erupt incorrectly and require orthodontic care. No matter which ailment affects you during your teen years, our expert team is here to help you with any orthodontic treatments you may require.

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