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Typically, bad bites and alignment issues within your mouth are caused directly by your teeth. Another name for bad bites is malocclusions, and many types of malocclusions can affect your teeth and your oral health in a variety of ways. Even though minor malocclusions may be corrected with trivial treatment methods, most bad bites require advanced orthodontic treatments, including aligners or braces. Listed below are common malocclusions that often require orthodontic care:

Rotation Malocclusions:
– When your teeth are rotated out of a proper alignment, this is known as a rotation malocclusion.

Underbites (aka Bulldog Teeth):
– When your lower incisors jut out past your upper incisors, this is known as an underbite, also known as bulldog teeth.

Transposition Malocclusions:
– When your teeth erupt above the gum line incorrectly or in the wrong space, this is known as a transposition malocclusion.

Open Bites:
– When your upper and lower incisors fail to connect when biting down, this is known as an open bite.

Misplaced Midlines:
– When the center of your upper incisors does not line up with the center of your lower incisors, this is known as a misplaced midline.

– When your lower jawbone juts out past your upper jawbone, this is known as a cross bite.

Spacing Malocclusions:
– Various spacing issues include large or irregular gaps in between your teeth or too many or overcrowded teeth in your mouth are known as spacing malocclusions.

Overbites (aka Upper Protrusions/Deep Bites):
– When your upper incisors jut out past your lower incisors, this is known as an overbite, also known as an upper protrusion or buck teeth.

With orthodontic treatments for malocclusions, your smile will not only look better, but it can be straighter and healthier too. If you would like to meet with Dr. Anthony Paventy and our team at Jady Chiakowsky Orthodontics for an examination, please call 541-485-4466 to schedule an appointment at our orthodontic office in Eugene, Oregon. Come in and become a success story with a healthier smile today.