We offer several types of braces in our office. We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible during your treatment with us. After evaluating your individual orthodontic needs, Dr. Anthony Paventy and Dr. Brett Brown will recommend which treatment method will work best for you.

Metal Braces
Traditional metal brackets adhered to the front of the teeth are the most commonly used treatment method. Advances in technology have greatly decreased the size and profile of metal brackets over the years, as well as increased their efficiency of tooth movement.

Clear/Clarity™ Braces
Ceramic, or “clear,” braces are made of a translucent material and can be used by any patient. Their cosmetic appeal is a major draw for patients wanting to straighten their teeth more discreetly. For this reason, clear braces are most commonly chosen by adult patients.

Created using computer simulation, Invisalign® clear aligners are removable overlay trays that gradually move your teeth. Mainly offered to older patients, this system is also available to some teens.

Special Orthodontic Appliances
Dr. Jady uses specific appliances in conjunction with braces for some patients, depending on their orthodontic needs. These appliances include, but are not limited to, rapid palatal expanders (RPE), Herbst appliances, and bite plates.